Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Round Of Edits Complete!

Yes, I did it. In four days (wow, only four days?) I have read Khaladin from beginning to end and edited everything that I found. I didn't find a lot that needed changing.

I'm worried.

Honestly, you'd think that since there wasn't a lot to change I'd be happy. I'm not. Why? Because, truthfully, I thought there was more wrong with the story. Maybe there is, but I just haven't put it away long enough to see them yet.

Yeah, that's probably the answer right there.

In my edits, I only added about 1,000 words, so the word count for this middle grade fantasy is now 31K. I'm surprised I was able to add that many words. This story is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY different than The Ultimate Evil. It's told in a completely different voice and I really like it.

Do I like it better than The Ultimate Evil?

At this

The Ultimate Evil is currently my fav of the two. I've talked to many writers and authors who say that they can't chose which of their stories they like the best because that's like choosing between your children. Honestly, I don't see my stories as my children, even though I have called them 'my baby' before. I truly feel like my stories are pieces of art. Some are going to turn out better than others. That's just natural.

Anyway, Khaladin is already off with it's first Beta reader. This is the first time I have let someone read my very first draft of something.....I sent the story to him before I started my other edits. I'm glad he has the very first version. A lot of it is just bone and joints. Maybe he can help me add the meat. :)


Big Plain V said...

Here's what I do when I finish a first draft. Number one, I put it away. For at least a month. Then I look at it with my new, fresh, objective eyes, and do maybe two run throughs, about to the extent that you've just done.

THEN I let people read it. And based on their feedback, I edit through probably two more times. I've never really felt like doing any more drafts than that until I got an agent. I attracted him with the fourth draft, as outlined above, and now I'm on the seventh draft based on his suggestions. We should be submitting after this.

Anyway. It's really important to take a couple breaks away from your manuscript because whenever you read it right away, you see what you meant to say instead of what you actually wrote. Does that make sense?

Madison said...

Yeah, totally. It's just that I get in a rush to get done because I love to step back and look at my finished product and think, I did this!

Whoa! Getting an agent on the fourth draft? I don't even know which draft The Ultimate Evil's on.

Big Plain V said...

Yeah. Fourth draft. TENTH book.

(fifth query though, so that's not so bad)

Madison said...

Whoa, not at all! That's great luck! I wish you the best of success! :)