Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Beta Read Done!

So my friend finished Khaladin and, to use his own words, says it's awesome! I was afraid he wouldn't like it because it's totally different from The Ultimate Evil. He even said he likes Khaladin better than The Ultimate Evil. I thought it'd be the other way around.

Go figure.

Apparently, the story kept him on edge because he told me he was wondering how in the world Judy and Khaladin were going to be able to work everything out. I thought it was pretty obvious reading through, but apparently not, which is great!

About the torture scene in this story, he didn't mind it. He liked it because there's not a lot to it. Someone over on AW said the piece about the torture was lovely and they would read the story. Holy major compliments, Batman!

If you are a member of AW, you can find the torture scene in the Children's SYW section with the title: Khaladin All Debated Torture Scene! If you're not a member, don't worry. I promised that I would post the scene on here after I was done with it, so I'll put that up here for you guys in a day or two. I don't have my JumpDrive on me right now. :(

Overall, I am very pleased with the way things seem to be turning out. The Ultimate Evil is in the querying stage and in case it is good enough to snag an agent (I think it is, but I'll let the agents give the deciding vote) I already have Khaladin ready and waiting. Now I need another WIP because I loathe not writing. I have several ideas, especially this one I'm toying with called The Prophecy, but as we say, that's another story. :D


Ian said...
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Ian said...

Loved the "Holy major compliments, Batman!" haha :)

But if you find yourself without things to write you could always photoshop :) .... but yeah good luck with the agent thing :) .

( well crap that didn't work :P , I deleted my original comment to fix a typo and repost but it didn't exactly delete the comment . it just left the shadow of the comment there .... )

Big Plain V said...

You're querying? What are you gonna do if an agent requests a partial or a full? Will it be ready?

I've really burned myself in the past by querying before I was thoroughly satisfied with every scene and sentence in the MS. (You only get one chance with each agent).

Madison said...

Oh, yeah, I'm fully confident on The Ultimate Evil. I've put a little over two years into the project and it's as good as I can get it. I have always made the mistake of querying too soon, but not anymore. Now, this story is ready and I love it. :)

If an agent requests a partial or full, I will jump for joy while reminding myself that I'm not homefree yet. Agents can still say no and even if they say yes there is no guarntee that they will find you a publishing deal. I've never gotten a request from an agent before, so it'd be sweet if I did. :D