Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And My New WIP Is.....

.....a MG sci-fi story called, Help! My Parents Are From Outer Space!

I have been working on this story for several years (I came up with the idea when I was ten) and only since last year has it really started to come together. I had writer's block on the project, but that seems to be gone now, as I am MUCH closer to the climax of the story.

Here's the basic low-down: This story is told in first person by Stacie, a typical teenage girl who wakes up one morning on a spaceship (surprise!) and soon discovers that her adoptive parents are really aliens in disguise. Now she's being forced to live on thier planet, called Z'ghon, and can never see anyone from Earth again. Her life becomes a MAJOR rollarcoaster when her father and the President of the United States are both captured by the evil Z'ghonian leader and she has to save them, not to mention both Earth and Z'ghon. Pressure? Just a smidge.

It's been a lot of fun to write and I'm even more excited about it right now because I am nearly done with the first draft. I don't know how close I am, but I do know that I've passed the half-way point in the tale. This is my first real attempt at first person so I'm learning new things about storytelling as I go and it's been (and will continue to be) a great ride! :D

Question: Has anyone noticed that a lot of my ideas I say I've had since I was little? Does that strike anybody else as being weird? Just curious. *shrug*


Big Plain V said...

Oh yeah, you're weird. But you have good story ideas so we forgive you.

Shmoofoobean44 said...

yeah, your weird. but you know i love ya anyway.
cool plot, origional.

Madison said...

Thanks, guys! :D

And Sarah, I know you know I'm weird....you know me too well! :D