Sunday, August 10, 2008

You Might Want A Synopsis

There are people who write because they want to. I write because I have to. It’s encoded in my DNA.

Writing is something I have done since I was six years old, but it wasn’t until I turned eight that I started writing fantasy. That was actually when the beginnings of The Ultimate Evil were laid.
When I was eight, I had an idea for a series where all the characters were Unicorns and the evil Unicorn was the ruler of the Dark Ones and his name was Arvil. I actually got the name from looking in the phone book! I also have a cousin named Arvil, but he is far from the ultimate evil. :-)

Anyway, I realized that my all Unicorn tale wasn’t going to work, so I dropped it. But I always knew that I wanted to work with Arvil. So when I put him in a story with a snooty princess and the last elf, I changed him and made him into a shape-shifter. (Just so you know, in case you look for him, the elf got dropped.)

I probably ought to post a short synopsis of the story, that way you at least know what is going on. Please remember that this story is complete and that any reproduction whatsoever without the author’s consent is a violation of the copyright.

Arvil has been preparing his armies for three centuries and is now ready to launch his war against the world. It is a dangerous and fearful time, but it is most troubling for the country of Validor, the only land to border Arvil’s dark domain. Validor’s princess, Aduan, is an ignorant and conceded teenager who does not even believe that Arvil exists. She refuses to prepare Validor for war because she is blind to the threat that is on her very doorstep and the complication of recent death of her father has left Validor completely vulnerable to the near and ever-growing evil. The Council gives Taon, the royal vizier, only one month to teach Aduan all she needs to know about being an effective and capable ruler but if she cannot succeed within that amount of time, the princess will loose her right to the throne. Will Aduan learn to care about her people rather than herself and become the strong leader her country needs? Will she loose her crown? But the most burning question is this: even if Aduan does achieve the impossible how can the ultimate evil be destroyed when he doesn’t die, even when his heart is pierced?

If this were on the back of a book or inside the jacket, would you want to read it? Let me know.
See ya later!


sarah said...

I'd very much read it! Even if it wasn't yours. That's my kinda books.

Madison said...

YEAH! That's exactly what I was going for!