Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, now The Ultimate Evil is up to 51K. Gosh, here I was thinking it would never get to 50K! Show's how wrong I can be!

I really don't know how much longer this tale is going to become. Like I said, I never thought it'd get this long. I guess it'll keep growing till it can't grow no more.


Sarah said...

1000 is alot, keep expanding as much as you can, if it's going to be a trilogy. (as i think you mentioned) then i would sugest 150k to be on the safe side. yes, i know it's way more than twice what you have, but you could do it. Plus it would give you a better shot, if the story dosn't get spread too thin.

Madison said...

Oh, this isn't the trilogy. That's the manga. This is one tale, one story, 'cause it has a definate closing.
I'm going to expand as much as I can, but you can only go so far before you loose the story. If a literary agent or editor is ever interested, then they might suggest some more subplots or things like that. Hoping I get to that point one day!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been looking at your site for only a minute and you said you want feedback, no matter what it is..ok here goes. Just on the title of A Dark Land No More..I have a comment. I have not read the story, obvisouly, but the title seems to resolve the mystery even before I start reading. Dark Land..yes...but No More..I dunno.. The title suggesting that the land is not dark anymore, obliterates the idea that it is a dark land. I feel the resolution shouldn't be in the title, but at the end of the book. But, what do I know. Just a thought I decided to share with you.