Monday, April 13, 2009

I Was An Agent For A Day!!!

On his blog, literary agent Nathan Bransford held a "Be an agent for a day" contest today and I have to tell you that I loved it! I had to read fifty queries and I could request no more than five manuscripts. I wish I could read the five I chose!

I have always loved query letters and have always respected an agent's job because it is hard. I loved every minute of it! I have thought about being a literary agent at some point in time, or at least reading queries for one. If any agents want someone to read their queries for them, then I'm their girl! :D

If you want to participate in this contest, hop on over to Mr. Bransford's blog now. You have till Sunday night to reply to all fifty queries.

Happy manuscript hunting! :D


Shmoofoobean44 said...

oh thats neat! glad you had fun, and i would think you would be a great agent later on.

Madison said...

Thanks, Sarah! Who knows what God has in store for me? :)

Ian said...

Thats more reading than I could tolerate haha :P . I'm glad you had fun :)

Madison said...

Me too! :D