Friday, February 27, 2009

Met My Writing Friend

And it was awesome!

My friend has some great story ideas and he really liked this one that I am formulating (got put on the back burner) called, The Untitled Story. He asked me if his writing was good or crap in my opinion.

My response?

"Well, it depends on how you look at it. I mean, your writing is good, but the fact that all the stories end right when they get interesting is crap."

He got a kick out of that.

Seriously, he hasn't really written much recently, but I think this guy has talent. I think he has the potential to tell a really good story.

Unfortunately, I was on a time limit, so we didn't get to finish. I didn't get to read half his stuff and he didn't get even a quarter through mine. I have a LOT more than he does, but I guess that's just because I've been working harder for longer. We will have to meet again and I'm hoping we can do it soon. I have a talent for becoming close friends with people I hardly ever get to see. :(

My friend says he wants to finish a story and pursue publication. Don't we all? So I am going to do my best to help him navigate this wonderful industry. As the Musketeers say, "One for all. All for one."

Or maybe a better quote to describe it: "Birds of a feather stick together."

Happy writing, all! :D


Carradee said...
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Carradee said...

"I have a talent for becoming close friends with people I hardly ever get to see."


Though to be fair, my case might have something to do with the hormone disorder. I'm prone to emotional wackiness--I usually hide it, but sometimes my control slips. And those slips even freak out my own mother.


Madison said...

I can understand emotional whackiness. I think we all need some in order to be happy in this world.

Or drive others nuts! :D