Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Rejection And Another Query

So, today I received a very nice, personalized rejection letter for The Ultimate Evil. It was by far the nicest letter I have received to date! :D

I have to tell mom is not a fantasy fan. At all. I mean, she loves the Lord of the Rings movies and Willow, but that's about it. Well, she knows all about Khaladin and she loves it! She hasn't read it yet (no time) but she wants to. Super exciting! My mom loves horses and since my unicorns in Khaladin have more of a horse rather than dog mentality, she already knows she loves it.

My mom is probably the best encourager I have. She's told me time and again that Khaladin is the best story I have written right now and I have to agree with her. It's a fun, if emotionally draining, tale.

Honestly, she's been wondering why I have been querying The Ultimate Evil rather than Khaladin. She told me tonight that I really should query this story.

So, this is what I'm going to do. On a complete whim (aghhh!) I'm going to query my dream agent with Khaladin. I already have everything ready and it's a better eye catcher than The Ultimate Evil. So, I'm going to send it out. Whatever will happen, will happen.

My mom thinks I'm doing the right thing. I have nothing to lose doing this, and maybe everything to gain! Say a prayer for me! :D