Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have You Noticed Something?

Because I sure have! I recently posted about my story status. You can look over those titles again if you want to.

I used to say that writing young adult was my favorite audience to write for.

Now, I think, my mind has changed.


Well, all of my stories listed, except for The Ultimate Evil, are for middle graders.

There's something about writing for that age group that I absolutely love and I didn't know why until just a few days ago. It's because the kids are still young enough where you don't have to explain the logic of your fantasy. If you say it is so, then they believe it.

And there's something about that....magic, if you will. It's addicting and it's wonderful! :D

(Guess this means I should switch around the age groups I write for under my blog title, huh?) ;)


Shmoofoobean44 said...

i did notice awhile back , but i didn't realize it was still on your blog the other way. i know you better than you know yourself i guess. ;)

well aywy i totally get it. do what you love, and i promise i will eventually get back to reading UE soon :D

Big Plain V said...

I noticed too, and I've been meaning to ask you about it.

Middly grade is a very noble genre.

Madison said...

I <3 middle grade so much! Thanks for your comments, guys. And yes, Sarah, I think you know me better than I do! :D

V, great to see you back active on the net! :D

Anita said...

You know, you're right about kids being more open to magic, but I think that changed with HARRY POTTER a bit...there were a bunch of grown-ups reading the books aloud to their kids, and we've all become a little bit more accepting to magic/fantasy, I think.

Madison said...

Good point. I'm glad you mentioned that. Thanks, Anita! :D

Carradee said...

Middle grade can use fantasy writers. I'm glad you're in that genre.

I've considered poking my nose in it, myself, but I don't think I could. I'm too morbid.

If middle grade is what God's given you a heart for, GO FOR IT! *insert encouraging cheer*