Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Submitted

Tonight, I sent The Ultimate Evil out to its first literary agency. Based on everyone's suggestions (thanks, guys, even though I've already thanked you!) I decided to take part in the query holiday. I personally love my first chapter and find the idea of not having to write a query letter EXTREMELY attractive! :)

My 20th birthday is in April and if I'm lucky there's a chance I could get a literary agent before I turn 20. Wouldn't that be so awesome? Talk about the best B Day present ever! :D

I know a lot of people are not here in cyber world so much now that the holidays are here, but I still will be, posting and talking away. I'm staying home for Christmas. My family does it right...we have the family come to us!


Ian said...

Congrats and good luck Madison! :)
and I'll still be online over the holidays ( aren't I always :P )

I'm going to my grandmothers on my dads side of the family for christmas from sometime christmas eve till sometime christmas day but I'll still be online :)

Big Plain V said...

Good luck with this, Madison, I hope this whole thing pans out for you.

Just curious: how long did you spend revising?

Madison said...

Thanks, Ian!

Big Plain V, I've only spent a little over a year in edits. It's short I know. One year of drafting and one of edits but it's fallen together so quickly and become better than I thought it originally would. I figure it's OK to take a chance. I have nothing to loose or everything to gain, so, why not? :D

Big Plain V said...

Whoa. One year for draft and one year for edits is a huge long time. If oughtta be as good as it's gonna get.