Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, I did it. Are you surprised?

Frankly, now, I really wonder how much more I can add to The Ultimate Evil. Making existing scenes longer and more interesting is one thing, but adding new ones is another. I added I think one new section, but it only has about 200 or so words in it. Everything else is just extended.

My friend who gave me the advice said that The Ultimate Evil, in a way, reminds him of Lord of the Rings. I'm not sure how to take that. Of course, they are some of the best stories ever told, but I never wanted to draw a lot of inspiration from that trilogy. But considering that my friend used to be a huge Lord of the Rings buff, I'll take it as a compliment from him. :)

One thing he did say was that my writing style is unique. For the past year I have seen a definite writing style emerge from my jumble of letters and it's nice to hear that from someone. Gives me hope. :)


it's sarah again said...

i refuse to be the first to comment on a post. oh wait. shoot. oh well. YAY! i am surprised that you added 1000 words between posts. your last post was 54k. i'm wondering if i should continue with this copy at all or just have you stick on the new one. with so much extra i feel like i'm going to miss somthing good.
and i'm proud that you can see how you've progressed. that means your making tremendous progress with it. i just hope the rest lives up to your 'new style' that your adding back into it. i think you've got that under control though, and i'll get back to reading asap to not hold you up any longer since your moving on besides, so i'm not totallly useless.

Madison said...

The gist of the story hasn't changed. You're not missing anything that's essential. If you would rather read the new version, let me know and I'll delete the old and let you read the new.

Big Plain V said...

I am beta reading for four people now, but let me just say -- you're making me very very curious.

Madison said...

Beta reading! I've got three of those I need to complete! AGH! I forgot! How lame is that?

I hope I'm making you curious in a good way. :)

Marian said...

Just dropping by to wish you a New Year full of gripping starts, challenges to overcome, and happy endings. :)

Madison said...

Thanks! :D