Sunday, September 14, 2008

No, I'm Not Published Yet

Some of you may remember when I posted that I had submitted two poems for publication. Well, I heard back from the place today and they rejected them. The editor said that my rhyming sounds a little forced, and I can agree! This was just kinda a spur of the moment thing, but he did say if I reworked them to feel free to submit them again! Yeah, that's cool. I also received the nicest (and personalized) rejection letter I could have asked for! So, all in all, a good experience.


Big Plain V said...

Hello, Madison Writes (love your last name).

I've seen you on other people's blogs, then I followed you here from AW. Judging from your blog's description, you and I have a whole bouguet of common interests: YA, faith, fantasy, not-getting-published. I don't ice skate or anything, but hopefully you can find it in your heart to overlook that shortcoming and let me hang out here from time to time.

I'm gonna blogroll you right now, that okay?

sarah: loves madison's blog said...

hey thats great, personalized rejection is always best. :D I hope you do resubmit them, i'd love to see anything of yours published.

Madison said...

Big Plain V, hang all you want! And yep, that's OK too...whatever that is! (Can you tell I am SO new at blogging?)

Thanks, Sarah! I'm going to work on that one poem a bit and see if I can make it better. Mr. Quinn really liked it, so, we'll see!

Kimber An said...

Hey, a rejection with an invite to rewrite is excellent! These things can take years, yanno.

By the way, I really appreciated your visiting my blog, Young Adult Science Fiction, and making recommendations. I was wondering if you'd consider writing a review of your favorite Star Trek novel which you think might be most appealing to teens? If so, please click on my username to contact me through my blogs or email.

I'm averaging about 100 visitors per day right now, but my widget is for all three of my blogs and I think it's Enduring Romance (book review blog) which is the most popular. I don't know how many people are visiting Young Adult Science Fiction. I'm still trying to figure out how to set up a widget just for it and how to make it something truly useful and fun for young people.