Monday, September 22, 2008

My Triumph!

Hey, guys! Most of you know that I wrote a story for a writing challenge called, The Cleft Brothers. (You can find a post on my blog of the entire story.) Well, I just found out today that it tied for second place! YEAH!

I am SO excited! I have never entered a writing contest of any sort before, so I'm walking on cloud nine right now. Yeah, right now, life doesn't get any better!


Ian said...

haha someones excited :P enjoy cloud nine while it lasts :)

Madison said...

Thanks, I will!

clwhite said...

Congrats, Madison!!

Big Plain V said...

"Life doesn't get any better."

Here's looking forward to a day when publication and contest wins are a routine thing for you.


Madison said...

Thanks so much, guys!