Monday, September 29, 2008

Greetings....From Florida!!!

Hey, everyone! I haven't posted again because I'm down in Cocoa Beach, Florida right now! The weather's great and I'm so glad to get away! Y'all wanna know why? OK, I'll tell you. I've started my new story! Yep, only been working on it for about three days and am already in chapter seven. Pretty speedy, huh?

The change of scenery seems to have really helped my imagination and cleared my head. I'm still trying to decide if The Ultimate Evil needs this new scene I've thought of, but I'm not sure. It's getting to the point where the more I try to add I realize that it's going to start taking away from the story, so I might leave the idea on the back burner and if an agent suggests a new scene, then I'll put it in.

I would tell you the title of my new story, but there isn't one yet. I might need some help from all of you to find one, so if I ask, be ready!

When I get back I wil share a few pics. Right now I don't have my hook up from my camera to my computer, so pics will have to wait. Sorry. :-(

Anyway, this post is kinda long, so I'l sign off, now. I'll continue to keep you updated!


Ian said...

Hey Madison! I'm glad your having a good time in Florida I'm sure it must be a nice change compared to Charlotte lol. Thats cool that its inspired your writing but make sure you get to enjoy the weather and stuff in florida also don't write the whole time lol. :)
we miss you !

Big Plain V said...

Being creative in creative environs... sounds therapeutic.

Madison said...

Thanks, Ian, I miss seeing all of you too! And don't worry, I'm not writing all the time!

Yes, Big Plain V, it is! :-)

Big Plain V said...

I was checking back, when I noticed the phrase, "this post is getting kind of long."

It made me laugh.

You haven't been to my blog, have you?

Madison said...

I checked it out a while back, but I haven't had a lot of time to visit many blogs, what with how crazy my regular and writing lives are right now. I'll go now!