Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm Still In the Writing Biz

Just not as much as I used to be. Schoolwork always comes first. But I figured I would give you guys a little update before I head on to church this morning. :)

I did write a few paragraphs in a new WIP the other day. I think I'm in chapter four. I'm liking the way it's going so far. Querying agents has been put on hold for the moment, but my BFF just recently finished Khaladin (she liked it! Yeah!) but there's some edits that need to take place. She found some holes that I didn't catch and she pointed them right out the minute she saw them. That's what I love about her reading my stuff. She doesn't hold back! :)

I am also toying with two new ideas, both fantasy, one MG and the other YA. Right now, they are called There's A Unicorn In My Closet! and The Pegasus Lord. I was texting one of my friends the other day and our conversation turned into a joke about me having a live unicorn in my closet, and he said it'd make a good story. I have also done so much with writing and reinventing the unicorn that I've been wanting to try the Pegasus. I got the idea while watching Naruto, which is really strange, but hey, if the story ends up working, then I'm not complaining! Well, I won't complain, anyway. I like Naruto. :p

But yeah, that brings you up to date on the writing front. On the school front, I am doing pretty good. I graduated my first English course (taking another next semester) with a B overall, so that makes me very happy. :)

I plan on querying agents again when my winter break comes along at the end of this semester. Yes, I know holidays are the worst times to query agents, but hey, you gotta do it when you have the time. Hopefully by then I will have some time where I can just sit down and completely focus on them. Right now, I can't, which is a bummer, but it'll all work out.

Anyway, leave me comments on this post to let me know how all of you are doing (haven't heard from hardly anyone in a while. I miss you guys) and I will talk to all of you later!

Happy writing! :)


Ray Veen said...

I'm wondering, are you querying for all of your finished projects at once, or are you focusing all your effort on only one?

Love the Pippi pictures, Madison. You pull it off perfectly.

Madison said...

Thanks, V! I am actually only querying Khaladin. I found when I query more than one project at a time, I get confused as to who rejected what and who's out with whom. I have queried the other projects before, but I am totally focused on getting Khaladin out there, since it is my best current work :)

Shmoofoobean44 said...

it's called Excel...used for graphs of complicated things like keeping up with querys. Thought you were taking a computer class! :P

Madison said...

Haha, very funny! But do you remember my FB status from a while back? I hate Excel :p