Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane, Part 2

Today, you are in for a treat. Well, in my opinion, at least. :p

Today I am going to let you read the first chapter of The Search for Grey Sky just how it was when I completed it when I was twelve years old. Complete and unchanged. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Chapter 1
An Uninvited Guest

Eleven-year-old Christina Wells ran out the back door banging the screen door behind her. She was headed to the paddock where her best friend was waiting for her. When she reached the paddock fence, she whistled. A beautiful dapple gray Quarter Horse with a black mane and tail trotted to her. It was Grey Sky, Christina's mare. Christina swung herself over the fence and threw her arms around Grey Sky's neck.

I love you, Sky," Christina said.

(Christina called her Sky for short.) Sky breathed into Christina's dark blonde hair telling her she loved her too.

"We're going on a trail ride," Christina said. As she put a halter and lead rope on her, Christina and Sky looked at each other straight in the eye. Sky's eyes were filled with love, understanding, and an unbreakable spirit.

After she attached the lead rope, Christina led Sky to the gate. When she opened the gate Sky started to trot forward.

"Whoa Sky," Christina said. "I know you're excited."

Sky stopped but anyone could see how eager she was. Christina was closing the gate when she heard a lot of noise coming from the barn. Horses were kicking in their stalls and there were tons of frightened neighs and whinnies. She looked towards the barn. She saw a boy ride his bike out of the barn. She knew who that was. It was David Croft. The dark skinned boy was Christina's age and had just moved in the neighborhood 3 weeks ago from Kentucky.

Anger rose in her like boiling water. Even though Sky only had on a halter and lead rope, Christina sprang onto her back. They headed towards the barn at a fast canter. David had stopped to catch his breath. When he saw Christina, he tried to ride away, but Christina rose Sky in front of the bike and halted. Christina meant to talk calmly, but everything came out in shouts and yells.

"Why did you ride your bike into the barn?!" shouted Christina. "Don't you know we have pregnant mares in there?!"

"Sorry," David said. "I was just..."

"Don't you know this is private property?" interrupted Christina, yelling.

She pointed to a "No Trespassing" sign that was nailed on the barn. There were others surrounding the property.

"Sorry," David said.

"Well, I accept your apology," Christina said, "but it doesn't help matters now. I have to calm down all of those horses before I can do anything else. You've ruined my pleasant morning and I don't appreciate it. Now I ask you to get off my property. Good day."

David wheeled his bike around Grey Sky, through the gate, and rode away. Christina glared at him, then looked towards the barn. All the horses were still frightened. Now she would have to calm them down before she could even think about going on a trail


Shmoofoobean44 said...

So cute.

Madison said...

Thanks! :)

Marian said...

Heh, I know that feeling where you really intend to speak calmly and politely but your throat has a mind of its own. Except mine kind of squeaks/croaks out the words instead of yelling and shouting.

No more interrobangs (?!) in prose, though. :)

Madison said...

Oh, I know. I've learned a lot since I wrote this. :)

connork said...

The chapter moves so quickly, I think you need to go for a slower pace... I like the names in this one (amazingly) :)

Madison said...

Haha, that is wierd that you like the names! But we already knew you liked Grey Sky :)