Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Riding That Is Bittersweet

Here are more pictures of me riding. I'm on Sooner, a beautiful Quarter Horse mare, and my fav horse at the barn. The sad thing is that these pictures show my last ride on her. Today she will be moving to a new home. She needed one, so I'm happy that she's going to be going to a great place...she will be helping young riders learn how to ride and teaching them about horsemanship. But the farm is 4 hours away, which means Sooner is too far away to visit.

When you work around animals, they come and go. Sooner came and I am grateful I got to know her, but now she's going. It's made me sad, sure, but I will always have memories of her.

I'll miss my baby girl.


Big Plain V said...

Sorry to hear about your friend moving away. Sounds very sad.

On an unrelated subject -- now we know what you look like.

Madison said...

Haha, yes, you do know what I look like now, don't you? The mystery is gone.

I am sad that Sooner left, but I'm happy for her. She's gone to a much better barn and is going to be taken very well care of. We are also keeping up with her, so even though she's gone, we still have a connection with her. :)

connork said...

i was close to tears when i saw that last picture... i know it must be hard on you madison and i am so sorry this happened.

Madison said...

It's OK, Connor. I'm happy she's gone to a better place. It's not only better for her, but also better for the barn. It was the right thing for y'all to do :)