Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New Title

I am nearing the halfway point in my revamp of The Ultimate Evil. I hadn't been able to write for several days because I had to work on my final exam of my Interior Decorator Career Diploma. Now it's done and I'm writing again at full speed! :)

You know me, I'm a planner. I like to plan for what could happen. So, for those who don't know, I have decided to query Khaladin till I have literally exhausted all options. If Khaladin does not sell and I am finished with The Ultimate Evil, I am probably going to query it again.

Now, you can query agents about the same project again if you have done a major overhaul in your story. Well, that's what I'm doing. But I've also heard that changing the title can help when re-querying as well. So, I want to find a new title for The Ultimate Evil.

Here's what I have so far:

The Dark One King
The Evil King
The Dark King
The Morlaya King
A Son of Darkness
The Master of Fear
The Backbone of Hate
The Heart and the Horn
The Devil's Disguise
The Demon Unicorn
Terror of Nightmares
As you can tell, I still want to name this story after Arvil. Without him, there'd be no story!
I am only looking for a title for when I re-query these agents. If I do and none of them bite, I will revert back to The Ultimate Evil when querying agents to whom I have never sent this project.
So, what do you think of those titles? Which ones do you like? Are there any more you would like to suggest? I'm open and all ears! :)


Shmoofoobean44 said...

*****The Master of Fear
***The Devil's Disguise
**The Heart and the Horn
in that order.

these 3 are amazing titles. i read titles at the library to pick new books. :) so i'd go with one of those. their eye catching, interesting, pertain to the book, but aren't too descriptively lame...unlike this paragraph about how i chose the top 3 :)

i really hope you pick my favorite.

Carradee said...

*reads other comment* Sorry to play devil's advocate, but "The Master of Fear" struck me as interesting, but bland.

Maybe it's just that I avoid "The X of Y" constructions for my own titling, but that type of title seems incredibly common, especially in novel queries I see around.

I particularly liked "Shifter", but "The Demon Unicorn" and "The Devil's Disguise" were okay.

Bear in midn that I read/write YA and adult fiction, not MG, so that undoubtedly skews my answer. :-)

Madison said...

Thanks, Sarah! Those were some that I liked too! :D

Carradee, The Ultimate Evil is a YA novel. Did I not put that in the post? I can be forgetful. :p

So far the one that's gotten the most votes is "The Devil's Disguise". Hmm.....

Cindy said...

I like Shifter or The Devil's Disguise. The second sounds intriguing and less cliche. Shifter is my favorite. It sounds unique and I would look at the title and wonder what the book was about. Hope that helps!

Madison said...

So, Shifter and The Devil's Disguise are the favs so far. Shifter has two votes and The Devil's Disguise three.

Anita said...

I like Shifter

Madison said...

Ooh, we have a tie! Three and three!

Anita said...

My vote should count twice...I'm a Gemini. :)

Madison said...