Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get Ready, Get Set, Visit My Blog Oct. 24-26

Many of you have read the little bits of The Ultimate Evil that I posted shortly after I launched this blog. Well, starting tomorrow, I am going to post the first three chapters of my YA fantasy in their entirety, one chapter a day. Remember that I want honest opinons, so when you post, be sure to tell me all of your tips, suggestions, and opinions. Do you like it? Tell me. Do you hate it? Tell me! I wanna know! Also, remember that everything posted is copyrighted under US law.

Remember, this starts tomorrow! See you then!


Ian said...

Sounds interesting , I'll be sure to read them but I doubt I'll have much to say feedback wise but hey you never know with me :P haha.

Madison said...

Glad you'll be tuning in, Ian!