Sunday, August 2, 2009

Been Busy

Whew! I just sent out a mess of queries for Khaladin and there's even more to send! Even more research to do. Even more agent hunting.

Let the prowling begin. :)

On a non-writing note, I am now enrolled in a local community college and I am going to go for my Physical Therapy Assistant Associate's Degree. I've got to do a lot to get in, as the program only accepts 30 people each year.

So, yeah, that's even more time away from writing. But sometimes life gets in the way. And that's when you just make time to do what you love. :)

Catch ya later! I'll keep you updated on the queries! :D


Marian said...

Good luck with both the program and the queries, Madison!

Having read your queries, I'm confident that you'll make it in both. :)

Madison said...

Thanks, Marian! :)